Contact Copy

a tiny application that helps get contacts into Nokia 108, Nokia 220, Nokia 225...

The lates series of Nokia new s30+ platform phones do not only work as a simple phone, but they can also can be a great companion with a smartphone. However I found a bit tricky to get my contacts into my phone, and therefore implement this tool.

Contact Copy can read contacts from Outlook or CSV file. The most contact applications can export CSV, e.g. Outlook and GMail Contacts.


Note: Contact copy does not modify your contacts database, it only retrieves the information.

  1. Select contacts
    "Fields copied" - Select phone number types you want to copy.
    "Duplicates filtered out" - Apply filters to remove possible duplicates.
  2. Read contacts
    Press "File" to open a CSV file (.csv) or a vCard (.vcf) stored in your PC.
    Press "Folder" to open all CSV files (.csv) or vCards (.vcf) stored in the folder at once.
    The CSV file must be "Outlook CSV format" from Gmail, or "Comma separated values (Windows)" exported from Outlook.
    The supported vCard versions are 2.1 and 3.0.
    Press "Outlook" to retrieve MS Outlook contacts directly. This works only in Windows where the MS Outlook is installed.
    Note: If you change filters you have to read the data again.
  3. Select Contacts
    In the contact list you can prevent individual contacts to be copied by clicking green buttons to red .
  4. Check the number of contacts about to copy.
    Only 500 contacts can be saved into the Nokia 108.
  5. Select the correct drive.
    Your phone SD card has to be inserted into the PC.
  6. Press "Write".
    Warning:Any existing backup data is overwritten.
  7. Insert the SD card into the phone.
  8. Restore contacts
    In phone go "Contacts" → "Settings" and choose "Restore Contacts"
    The restore procedure may vary from model to model and it is subject to change, please refer your phone manual.

Disclaimer:Author of this application (me) is not responsible anyhow if there is data lost or any other problems with the application. The application user (you) is solely responsible for all consequences and outcome that using the application may have. If application user has any doubts or issues, please do not use this application.